As a “come-here” from Michigan, I had never experienced hushpuppies or sweet tea, and anticipated my Southern lifestyle would be a temporary sojourn while I pursued my law degree at Wake Forest University before returning to a fast-paced corporate lifestyle. However, the plans of fate were stronger than the plans of my own, and to my personal and professional surprise, I have found myself calling Martinsville “home” for more than fifteen years. I quickly grew fond of the quality of life, sense of community, opportunity for civic involvement and sense of pride and initiative of entrepreneurs and business owners I discovered here. I still prefer my tea without sugar, and while I still talk faster than my neighbors and friends, the ability to enjoy the slower pace of life and deeper connections throughout Southside Virginia is why I have chosen to plant my personal and professional roots here.

Despite the lawyer jokes that friends and family readily share, I regard the practice of law to be a respectable profession. It is so very humbling when strangers enter the door, sharing their stories, joys, and challenges, seeking guidance and support. I appreciate the trust my clients invest in me and endeavor to provide them with straightforward, efficient and competent legal counsel, fulfilling my role as both an attorney and a counselor at law.

Since 2001, I have had the privilege of representing businesses ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to individual and family owned-businesses, as well as individuals seeking advice on a variety of legal issues. As an attorney, I know firsthand that no two cases are alike, and every day is a new adventure, and new opportunity to improve my community by improving the lives of my clients. Contact Jacob Law Firm, P.C. today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your legal needs.

~ Janine M. Jacob